Technical characteristics of aluminium


Some important aluminium-based materials

AlMgSi0,5 / EN AW 6060 - 130 - 245 N/mm2
one of the most widely-used materials, within the group of “easily pressed” alloys.
This alloy is characterised by:

  • particularly good anodisation quality,
  • resistant to salt water and therefore corrosion,
  • good welding characteristics,
  • excellent bending characteristics, with satisfactory strength.

Construction elements under high levels of mechanical stress

AlCuMgPb / EN AW 2007 - 340 bis 370 N/mm2
Naturally hard material – particularly suitable for machining by cutting (short shavings, because of Pb content).

drilling and turning material

AlZn4,5Mg1 / EN AW 7020 - bis 350 N/mm2
construction material with high resistance to compacting and outstanding welding characteristics.

welded structures under high stress, particular in construction and mechanical engineering.

AlZnMgCu1,5 / EN AW 7075 - 500 bis 530 N/mm2
The material for the highest loads and stresses (very limited corrosion resistance).
Applications: constructions subject to very high stress in vehicle and aircraft construction and mechanical engineering.

Al99,5 / EN AW 1050 - H0 bis H28
Naturally hard material, mainly for rolled products.

metal construction

AlMg1 / EN AW 5005 - H0 bis H38
Naturally hard material, resistant to salt water, good welding characteristics, good anodisation characteristics, for decorative surfaces.

facades, metal and vehicle construction, packaging

AlMg3 / EN AW 5754 - bis 180 N/mm2
Naturally hard material for rolled products and simple profile cross-sections.

  • good welding characteristics,
  • good anodisation quality.

architecture, mechanical engineering and the furniture industry

AlMg4,5Mn / EN AW 5083 - H0 bis H36
Naturally hard material, salt water-resistant, good welding characteristics, outstanding suitability for structures subject to static stresses.

important alloy for shipbuilding, also in mechanical engineering and vehicle/machine construction, and the construction industry

Information available by requested on other alloys - particularly for hot and cold rolling, for example:1100, 1200, 1230, 1235, 3003, 3005, 3103, 3105, 5049, 8006, 8009, 8011, 8079