Aluminium – finished products

Parquet and laminate profiles Tile profiles Window sills
Kontaktformular DIY profiles Surface finishing Mechanical processing
Confectioning LED profiles Contact form Contact

A product, from its raw material to an embeddable system, involves a huge variety of processing steps. With alphametall GmbH, the individual processing, refining and confectioning is already included in our range of services. That is how you get- accordingto our philosophy- an individual finished product provided by our hands.

Whether the products are made at our own subsidiaries or by long-term partners on our behalf, we manufacture and deliver theFinished components or assemblies to your specifications. Of course, this includes any surface protection, film-coating,marking,Labelling and made-to-measure, ready printed packaging.

That is why your product, ordered at alphametall GmbH, is in the true sense of the word “one-stop-service”.